Anti-waste initiation workshops

As part of its mission to raise awareness of a sustainable and anti-waste food culture for all, Altrimenti regularly offers educational, friendly and free activities. All interventions are carried out using downgraded fresh products and neglected parts of fruits and vegetables (tops, stems, peelings, etc.):

To reduce the use of disposable objects in the kitchen, Altrimenti also offers Do It Yourself (DIY) workshops: creation of waxed fabric packaging, wipes and loose fabric bags … and many other innovative and zero waste tips .

To participate in a workshop, find the next meetings right here.

For more information (organization of a tailor-made workshop, participation in an event with the mobile kitchen, etc.), contact us.


Nothing is lost … everything is cooked!
Anti-waste cooking workshops for all ages
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Botanical walks followed by anti-waste cooking workshops
1, 2, 3 I’m the anti-waste leader!
Anti-waste cooking workshops for children