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Altripasti is the first zero waste, organic and vegan canning factory in France. By using organic b-grade stock and discarded parts in vegetables, we reinvent and produce italian traditional recipes -pesto and giardiniera– creating jobs for people who have not worked for a long time.


Our pestos

Altripasti pesto line names wish to celebrate the link between the French and the Neapolitan cultures.

Our recipes are unique, as their names, which refer to Neapolitan expressions coming from French language.



Pesto Sciantosa – derived from « chanteuse », singer in french – an expression used to evoke elegance and harmony. You will be tempted by this parsley pesto with its firm and smooth texture and strong flavor.


Pesto San Faso – derived from the old expression “sans façon” symbolising creativity and novelty. This pesto by carrot tops offers you a velvety texture and an original taste.


strong>Pesto Sciué Sciué pronounced “choué choué” – a typical expression meaning “quickly made, well made”. You will be seduced by the creamy texture and delicate taste of this lettuce pesto.



Our giardiniera

The giardiniera, the essential ingredient of italian antipasti, is a mix of vegetables marinated in vinegar and mediterranean spices. Italian-style pickles made according to grandmother’s recipes. Our giardiniere give a second life to organic vegetables that have been downgraded (courgettes, carrots, turnips, peppers, broccoli, onions). Each giardiniera is enriched with its “star” vegetable. Our recipes are original, just like their names referring to female deities.



Star vegetable : bell peper

Giardiniera Partenope – The fresh, fragrant and authentic taste of this giardiniera takes you on a journey through the splendid city of Naples. Who better to name this recipe than Partenope (“Parthenope” in French), mermaid and founder of the City.


Star vegetable : onion

Giardiniera Giunone – This giardiniera has a sweet, refined and enveloping taste. The name Giunone (“Juno” in French) pays tribute to the goddess of birth and protector of women.


Star vegetable : radish

Giardiniera Demetra – This giardiniera guarantees an extraordinary, intense and full-bodied taste. Demetra (“Demeter” in French), protector of the earth, now becomes the guardian of this recipe.