Company initiation workshops

As part of its missions to raise awareness of a sustainable and anti-waste food culture, Altrimenti offers educational, practical and fun events that bring meaning to allow participants to appropriate eco-friendly tips while strengthening the spirit of team and solidarity. All operations are carried out using fresh products that are off-circuit and leftover from fruit and vegetables (tops, stems, peelings, etc.).


Preparation and tasting of original dishes from downgraded fresh produce and neglected parts of fruits and vegetables (tops, stems, peels) under the supervision of a chef, expert in sustainable food.
The essential eco-responsible activities, the blender bike, is a friendly, educational and fun activity. Participants are made aware of the benefits of a healthy and tasty diet while pedaling to prepare fresh juices, smoothies and Italian pesto. It is an opportunity for them to enjoy an original gourmet break and to become aware of the challenges linked to sustainable food.

To reduce the use of disposable items in the kitchen, nothing better than creating its packaging in waxed fabrics, its wipes and its bulk fabric bags. DIY workshops are a time to discover innovative and zero waste tips.

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