Our mission

lutte contre le gaspillage alimentaire

For Altrimenti, the fight to reduce food wastage is to change people’s mindset on culinary traditions, through their unique and innovative approach. By using know-how from our culinary history and traditions and infusing it with creativity and innovation to bring it up to date, we can better manage our own nutrition, while contributing to a sustainable future.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, nearly 10 million metric tons of food is wasted every year in France. In addition to it being an ethical, societal and economic issue (a loss estimated at 16 billion euros), food wastage impacts massively on the environment. To be produced this wasted food has needed arable land, water, energy and other resources. It has also been transported, packed and cooked before being thrown away. Even then the waste continues as it must be sorted and destroyed.

Since 2016, Altrimenti’s sole aim has been to make sustainable nutrition and anti-wastage accessible to all. The association works on raising awareness about the environmental, economic and social impact of the way we consume. Using B-grade stock and food that is often discarded in traditional food preparation, such peelings, kernels, stems and stalks, Altrimenti aims to raise awareness through various workshops, demonstrations and courses, by making new flavours accessible, in order to (re)build a new healthy way of living.