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Altripasti is the first artisanal workshop for pesto and giardiniera made from decommissioned and neglected organic vegetables.

Our pestos and giardiniera are made in the art of Italian cuisine, combining tradition and innovation.

We offer you 100% natural, authentic and eco-responsible products for a taste of Italy come a casa.



Nos pestos

Our range is the brainchild of founder Samanta Vergati. A native of Naples who has lived in Paris for several years, she wanted to celebrate the link between French and Neapolitan culture.

Our recipes are unique, as are their names, referring to Neapolitan expressions derived from the French language.
Enjoy our delicious pestos as an aperitif spread or as a sauce for your dishes!



Sciué Sciué – a typical expression meaning “quickly done, well done”. Our original, tasty recipe gives a second life to organic, declassified lettuce. You’ll love its creamy texture and delicate taste.


Sanfaso’ – derived from “sans façon” – an ancient expression symbolizing creativity and novelty. Our original, tasty recipe gives a second life to declassified organic carrot tops, to give you a velvety texture and an unprecedented taste.


Sciantosa – derived from “singer” – an expression used to evoke elegance and harmony. Our unique and tasty recipe gives a second life to declassified organic parsley. Let yourself be tempted by this pesto with its firm, creamy texture and pronounced taste.



Our giardiniera

Giardiniera, the Italian antipasti staple, is a blend of vegetables marinated in vinegar and Mediterranean spices. Italian-style pickles made according to grandma’s recipes.

Our recipes give a second life to organic vegetables (zucchini, carrots, turnips, peppers, broccoli, onions).

Our giardiniera are as unique as their names, which refer to female divinities.



Star vegetable: broccoli

This giardiniera guarantees an exceptional, intense, full-bodied taste. Demetra (“Demeter” in French), protector of the earth, is now the guardian of this recipe.


Star vegetable: the onion

This giardiniera has a sweet, refined and enveloping taste. The name Giunone (“Juno” in French) pays homage to the goddess of birth and protector of women.


Star vegetable: the bell pepper

This giardiniera takes us on a journey to the splendid city of Naples. Who better to name this recipe than Partenope (“Parthenope” in French), mermaid and founder of the city.



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